Venizeloses Tombs

Venizeloses Tombs

Venizeloses tombs are located east of the city of Chania in the area of Akrotiri 11.4 km far from Vlamis Villas. This place, although has tombs is more like a park than a cemetery. It has a beautiful panoramic view to the sea and the city of Chania.

The park is very popular because it’s connected to the history of the Cretan independence. A very important greek statesman called Eleftherios Venizelos and his son Sophocles Venizelos are buried there. Besides the graves, there is also a statue of an other important man called Spyros Kayales, holding the revolutionary flag, who took part in the revolt against the Great powers and the Ottoman Turks in 1897.

In the park you will also see a church dedicated to Prophet Elias. It was built in the middle of the 16th ce, during the Venetian period. The church was partly destroyed during the battle between the Cretans and the Great Powers that took place there, but was later restored.


On your way to Chania town, you’ll pass from several villages, one of them called Kounoupidiana. At the end of this village and right before you enter Chania there’s a roundabout. A sign to Venizeloses Graves leads you at the first exit on the right of the roundabout. Less than a minute drive and you are there!

Useful tips

-Venizeloses Graves are only a 5 minute drive far from Chania. A nice combination would be visiting Chania town as well.

-There are a couple of cafeterias next to the park, where you can have your drink or a nice dessert enjoying the panoramic views.