Seitan Port

Seitan Port

On the northeast side of the Akrotiri peninsula in western Crete, there is a small different beach located less than 20min away by car, from Vlamis Villas. Sea penetrates in between the cliffs of Akrotiri peninsula creating small coves! The location is known as “Seitan Port” wich as word has a Turkish origin, and is translated as “Devils Port”. However Seitan Port looks like more heavenly than devilish!

Here’s an aerial view of the beach


Leave Vlamis Villas and start driving towards Chania Airport (CHQ). Just before you reach the airport, the road is signposted to Chordaki village. Take the turn and keep moving on this road for a while. Up next you’ll see signs to Seitan or Stephanou beach, these two names refer to the same beach. On your way there, you may meet a metal fence. Sometimes shepherds use these fences to keep their sheep restrained, so just open it and pass through. Park your car at the end of the road and hike down the hill. You are there!

Useful Tips

-Seitan port is not an organized beach. Make sure you have enough water with you, or a snac, before reaching out to the beach. A sun umbrella and your sunscreen, will provide extra comfort in the hot summer days.

-Seitan Port is located between cliffs. To reach out to the beach, you will need to hike down a small hill for about 10 minutes. You are kindly advised to wear sport or hike shoes as there are a couple hard parts on your way down.

-In high season months, it is better not to choose busy days like weekends as this beach is small and popular. A less busy day in the early morning or late evening, is the ideal time to visit for those who seek relaxation.

-Make sure you pack your snorkeling equippment before you start, you’ll most likely want to use it! For the more adventurous ones, there are a few spots ideal for cliff diving.